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CSR Projects

Closenberg recognizes its vital interaction with both the natural and social environment, and understands that there is work to be done.

The hotel continuously runs and supports initiatives that aim to preserve natural resources, foster local habitats and encourage local economic growth. Listed below are some of the sustainable practices the hotel is engaged in.

  • Changing all lighting to CFL and LED bulbs to cut the strain on power usage.
  • Planting of fruit trees and flowering plants around the property to encourage a healthy environment not only for humans using the property but the various insect, bird and other animal life as well.
  • Planting of herbs and fruit trees under organic conditions and integrating the homegrown produce concept into our menus.
  • Initiation of a rainwater collection and storage project for watering of plants during the dry season.
  • Dividing of regular waste and kitchen waste from which the green waste is turned into compost. This compost is used to nourish our gardens.
  • Engaging in staff welfare (Shramadana) projects, such as beach clean ups.
  • Donations of food and money to temples, orphanages and disabled homes in the Galle area.
  • Training of staff not only to uplift guest experience, but to continuously provide new knowledge, skills and expertise to our local community.
  • Buying predominantly from local suppliers of food items and other goods to support our regional economy.